Slush Puppie – The original

Playing with your Slush, chewing the ice, scraping the bottom of the cup with your straw, showing your blue tongue; all special Slush Puppie moments that make our brand a FUN one where true and full enjoyment is part of the overall consumer experience.

Slush Puppie offers a vast array of flavours starting with the legendary and worldly popular blue raspberry since its inception in 1975. The majority of flavours are offered to be served along with NEUTRAL BASE or as FLAVOURED BASES. We propose 3 main popular cup sizes: 353 ml (12 oz.), 510 ml (16 oz.) and 775 ml (24 oz.) … and even a Mini Puppie of 225 ml (8oz.).


Blue Raspberry
Tropical Punch
Sour Apple
Bubble Gum
Dragon Fruit
Cream Soda
Slush Puppie Plus

The perfect frozen drink alternative to soft drinks and traditional slushes.

Thelma’s Lemonade

The always refreshing Thelma’s Lemonade is offered in two popular flavours: PINK lemonade and YELLOW lemonade. This well-recognized product is a favourite with consumers of all ages looking for an old fashioned taste of freshness.

Iced cappuccino

The Iced Cappuccino is an ever growing choice within the Canadian market and is an excellent alternative to hot beverages during the summer months.

Cotton candy

Our all-new Mini Puppie Cotton Candy is already a huge hit! With combined blue raspberry and cherry flavours, we mainly offer it in 60 gr. and 180 gr. plastic containers, as well as in 80 gr. bags


More than eight Slush Puppie fruity tasting varieties are now available. Benefit from Slush Puppie’s brand notoriety in order to seduce consumers from an already well established market.


Discover LANIKAI! Ideal for bistros, discos, family restaurants, roadhouses, pubs and all destinations serving alcohol and non-alcohol beverages.


Popcorn is the perfect choice for your business. The mouth-watering aroma of the popcorn will seduce your clients. Slush Puppie also offers high quality popcorn machines with majestic charms to enhance your décor.

Slush Puppie Canada offers these products in partnership with CretorsRicos and Gold Medal.


This great Mexican-inspired product is a definite crowd pleaser, no matter the time or the place. Individual portions for the nachos and the cheese dip is a simple no-fuss solution for your business.

Slush Puppie Canada offers these products in partnership with CretorsRicos and Gold Medal.