At Slush Puppie, we believe that physical activity is part of the healthy habits to adopt as early as possible.

Our products are a source of reward, the perfect companion for family outings, summer sports, and for those days when we are active and having fun. Every year, Slush Puppie Canada supports the next generation of athletes by awarding grants and prizes to emphasize youth’s efforts and determination. We are aware that practising sports has an impact on young people’s well-being, as well as on their social network, academic achievement and sense of belonging to society.

Slush Puppie Canada is now the main sponsor-partner of 2 major amphitheatres (arenas): the Gatineau’s Centre Slush Puppie and the Kingston’s Slush Puppie Place, two sports centres which we are extremely proud to support, and which fit in perfectly with the spirit of our brand.

Through programs, partnerships and special events throughout the year, we also support local organizations that align with our corporate values.

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