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You are interested in offering Slush Puppie products for your business? Please fill the following form. It is with great pleasure and that we will communicate with you and send you the information necessary to get you started. You can also reach us at 1-800-263-3853.


  1. An incredible tool to boost traffic in your establishment*;
  2. Unmatched turnkey concept;
  3. A prestigious and established clientele;
  4. Slush Puppie has been a company you can count on for more than 40 years;
  5. Slush Puppie is the Original; A well-established and recognized brand;
  6. We offer strong promotional and unequalled publicity support in the marketplace;
  7. Various quality equipment choices and ongoing maintenance support;
  8. Slush Puppie could be the most profitable use of square footage in your establishment.

* Since Slush Puppie is not available in supermarkets to bring home and store for later consumption; it attracts consumers and incites them to visit participating stores. Slush Puppie increases traffic and augments the store’s popularity, its sales and ultimately its profits.


  • Widely recognized as The Original slush
  • The most popular slush in Canada*
  • Instantly recognized by more than 86 % of consumers*
  • Loyal clientele; faithful to the brand
  • Large consumer spectre appeal

* 2012 survey


Slush Puppie supplies and maintains slush equipment for retailers interested in selling Slush Puppie products. Our team will assess and suggest the proper equipment serving your needs in order to reach your profitability goals. See equipment section.

Choose between the “purchase” or the “rental” options. Or, better yet, ask us about our famous “Profit Sharing Program” whereas we lend the equipment and you benefit from a low-cost turnkey solution, complete with colourful reliable equipment, standard initial product order and minimal installation fee to start bringing-in customers to your business!